the perfect hobby

In this post, we discuss ideas on how the perfect hobby could be

The pursuit of perfection in a hobby may be of practical interest since the model, in this case, probably carries with it the fact that it can produce “perfect” happiness, which is the primary purpose of the hobby.

Within these speculations, what attributes would the perfect hobby have to fulfill?

1-Being very distracted, funny, or attractive.

2-Be varied or can always offer some new aspect or possibility of progress.

3-That property one is maintained over a long period, preferably a lifetime

4-Be healthy

5-Not be too challenging to learn, but not too easy either

6-Be is accessible to most people, regardless of age, physical or mental abilities, or economic availability.

7-Be social, that is, be able to share it somehow.

To begin with, some decidedly healthy, social, fun, and varied hobbies, such as team sports (football, basketball, etc.), are not accessible to people with minor physical performance and, from certain ages, they are hardly practicable. Distracted, varied, and affordable at different levels, social and lifelong hobbies are games (cards, tokens, video games, etc.). Although they can help health somewhat, they are not as beneficial as those that involve physical exercise. Of the outdoor hobbies, hiking in a group meets almost all the properties, although it is not particularly fun. Golf is almost perfect, but its cost and access difficulties make it quite unsightly. Tai chi, yoga, and gymnastics have many virtues, but they are routine, and the first two do not involve much exercise. Playing an instrument, singing, or acting lack, like games, the benefits of physical activity. Yes, dancing has it, which is an exercise from soft to intense and is fun, social, and practicable at any age; but it is not very varied unless you change partners or groups or learn new rhythms; and to practice it, it is generally necessary to go to unique places. Not so in China, where it is hugely popular and is danced -mainly by mature women- anywhere in parks to music from a portable player. Are the Chinese right?

From the reflections generated by the previous comments, variations of hobbies appear that could be “almost perfect”, giving the following as an example:

-Team sport that can be practiced in many places and even at advanced ages. Creating “soft” variants of sports, such as football, basketball, or volleyball, would be necessary to continue playing as adults.

-Hiking combines more distracted hobbies such as photography, video, love of birds or plants, or traveling.

-Dance, but with easy access to “outdoor” dance areas and with “affordable” promoters or teachers who positively stimulate group relationships and offer opportunities to “improve or learn.”


The perfect hobby does not exist. The perfect hobbies exist since each can find the one that fits her personality and desires very well. Sometimes you can get that ideal hobby by combining one or more “imperfect” hobbies.

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