Why be interested in hobbies?

This post explains that hobbies and hobbies can be significant activities to improve our life satisfaction and health. A small analysis is made about what a hobby is: a leisure activity carried out regularly exclusively for our happiness. The reason for creating the page is also discussed.

Why bother with hobbies?

The page’s origin: Many years ago, in a conversation with a 50-year-old woman who worked and lived alone, she commented that her life was not bad but that she “got bored.” The job wasn’t very satisfying, her social life was meager, and she had no distractions to help him enjoy her existence a little more. It was challenging to know what to say to her or how to help her except with the “then find a hobby that you enjoy.”
It was evident that she could have helped her with more knowledge about hobbies. Previous personal experiences showed how hobbies helped improve the quality of life for family and friends. At the same time, it also seemed clear, including to the person asking for advice, how the lack of hobbies made life difficult for some people who complained of boredom and depression. Of course, we also know people who, even with a lot of free time, live satisfactorily without needing any hobbies or hobbies. In fact, what is generally understood as hobbies mainly exist in economically developed societies.s?
After a few years, the bored woman discovered various hobbies: ballroom dancing, gymnastics, bike rides, and traveling. She now “she is never bored,” despite having many hours of leisure (all) a day: she is retired.

A brief review of various studies supports that hobbies benefit the quality of life and health. In other words, hobby-type activity is favorable for many people. It can have a marked social impact, particularly in groups such as adolescents or retirees. It has caught our attention that, even so, there is relatively little information on the subject, and it is not very developed either at an academic level, on the internet, or at a business or institutional level. Several pages are dedicated to hobbies, some very complete, but none that try to provide individualized help to those looking to start a hobby or go deeper into it.

The main reason for creating a new hobbies and hobbies page is to make it easier for those who consult it to get started with hobbies or their relationship—in other words, helping people to be able to choose their hobbies or interests with more tedious success and enjoy them more satisfactorily and effectively. On the one hand, we intend to provide simple and complete information that is, within our limitations, severe and reliable. For this, we have set up a multidisciplinary team that can support the quality of our information. Although it is perhaps too ambitious, we would like to help spread and promote the use of hobbies and hobbies for the best use of free time,

In summary, our purpose is to offer personal and complete information to those who wish to start a hobby or improve their knowledge of the one they already have, based on the fact that having a hobby (or several) is positive for the quality of life and health.

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