A problem of creative hobbies

This post discusses a question that may interest those who practice creative hobbies.

I have painted a picture. Now what? A disturbing problem of creative hobbies arises.

The problem is that, often, for a creation to be entirely satisfactory, it must be shared with an audience and have spectators, even if it is only one. This is valid for, for example, painting, photography, writing, cooking, embroidery, and web page design, among many others.

Although, by definition, the very end of the hobby is the pleasure that its realization gives, on many occasions, this pleasure also depends on sharing it. This is not exclusive to creative pursuits; it also occurs in interpretive ones, such as theater, singing, or playing an instrument.

The most usual and simple thing is to share the creation produced by our hobby with family and friends, but sometimes this public does not show interest; it is inadequate or insufficient. The need to share becomes more intense as the number or quality of production increases. It also increases with time and the need to reinforce our motivation.

Thus, the question is, where to get an audience for our creations? Four options can be considered,

1-colleagues in a group with the same hobby, whether in the form of a club, association, or group.
2-exhibit in any environment, such as associations or cultural centers, public or private, or in places such as bars or cafes, individually or within a group.
3-participate in internet pages or social networks, including virtual galleries.
4-participate in contests, which can be local, national, or even international, especially if done online.

Accessing any of these options requires effort and knowledge to locate and participate in the alternatives. Fortunately, there are many information resources, both from public and private institutions, most of which can be found on the Internet, often through general or specialized information pages. They are generally worth the effort to research them to develop and maintain our hobby.

Finally, one option to stimulate ourselves is to try to monetize or make our hobby financially profitable, which can occasionally become the basis of our profession.

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