Summary of Sunday, by Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann is crazy about illustration. So much so that on Sundays, to rest, he also draws. You may have seen it recently if you followed “Abstract”, the new Netflix design series. And if you haven’t already, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

As a regular on the New Yorker’s cover, Niemann can create a great symbol of optical power, as you can see on the cover. Moreover, he has reinvented the concept of these covers, which gives them a new dimension thanks to augmented reality.

Active illustrations Luis Quiles

Whoever says that illustration only serves to decorate and beautify wrong. Luis Quiles uses his drawings to move our consciences. And what if you delete it? Here are some of his extraordinary works.

This drawing is called “The oldest craft in the world”. The author says of him: “My idea about this image is that prostitution is still an economic transaction in exchange for services like any other job. But the morality we draw on continues to leave it in legal limbo, or illegal”.

In another film, “Make America hate again”, Quiles depicts presiding over America with the swastika as his bangs.

Each image contains a substantial weight. Nobody needs comments.

Ernst Haeckel, zoologist drawing

Last week was the birthday of Ernst Haeckel, a German naturalist, philosopher – and artist – who popularized Darwin’s theory of evolution in Germany and made essential contributions to the field of Biology.

Haeckel died in 1919. We dedicate space to him at This is not art, not for his contributions to science, but to art, through his beautiful paintings of various species.

When it is impossible to describe animals, even more so if they are small or microscopic species, a scientist with Haeckel’s talent is essential. The scientific rigour of the illustrations makes them even more beautiful. His books are an inspiration not only to zoologists, biologists, and naturalists but also to cartoonists and illustrators.

The American Museum of Natural History told us about it.

Surge parallel to Nuria Riaza

Give the Bic pen to Nuria Riaza, and she will draw whatever you want. Above all, he will draw you an oniric image that pops into his head when he dreams. The mermaid appears in the sea of ​​stars, the view of houses and cars floating among the branches of the golden plant or losing a hand far from her body.

As she tells in the 2016 Ilustrísima catalogue, where we met her, Nuria has always been a strange girl, one of those who prefer reading and drawing to ballet. Thousands of images later, he found his fetish graphic weapon, the Bic crystal blue pen.

It states on its website that “Parallel Paradises” is a concept that emerged from a collection of images and sensations that occur in episodes of sleep paralysis. Little trips and night scenes repeat without leaving your bed when your dreams are at your feet.

Taking a closer look at his pictures means immersing yourself in the intimate and personal universe he created based on patience and blue ink. An image without a name and almost no presence accompany you until you wake up and immerse yourself in this other world, the physical world.

You can follow Nuria Riaza on her Facebook page or via Instagram.

Ivan Caíña and the art of calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of writing well, and Ivan Caíña controls it perfectly. And fortunately for us, he teaches it through his calligraphy workshops across the peninsula. The last time he taught was at Salamanca, specifically at Espacio Nuca.

Who said ancient handwriting? In the digital age, where “already” and “now” apply, there are still artists who are dedicated to the art of calligraphy. Among them is Madrid-born Ivan Caiña, a graphic designer specializing in Calligraphy and Letters.

We know very little about Ivan’s life. He studied graphic design at the ESDIP School of Art of Madrid and freelanced. As he has admitted in several interviews, de el’s love of calligraphy came to him thanks to graffiti before el began his design studies. He has done work for small and large companies. Some of the most famous are Cacharel, Barceló and Calvin Klein.

And as if all this weren’t enough, in his spare time, he dedicates himself to holding calligraphy workshops, where he teaches small groups to handle brushes, pens, or markers to get started in this fascinating world.

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