Hobbies and hobbies in Spain

This post collects Spanish statistical data that can inform about the preferences of the population in terms of hobbies and hobbies.

A 2015 Eurostat survey (https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/databrowser/view/ILC_MDES11A__custom_576455/default/bar?lang=en), Spain enjoys leisure activities approximately at the level of the average of the European countries. It is interesting to know the habits of people in Spain regarding hobbies and interests. There are essential statistical studies, although none are explicitly dedicated to this topic. But those that exist orient quite a bit towards trends.

In the first place is the survey by the National Institute of Statistics, from 2009-10, on the use of leisure time in Spain.

In the graph above, where men and women have been valued separately, hobbies would fall mainly within the groups of sports and outdoor activities and hobbies and computers. It is evident that these groups, although they occupy less time than the media and at the same time as social life and fun, have great importance in leisure time. In other words, although the correlation is not direct, the data support what is already known. Hobbies and hobbies are essential elements of leisure time.

A more detailed approach is made possible by the surveys that the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sport carries out periodically on cultural and sporting habits.

In the previous graph, only the most frequent activities are shown, and it confirmed that, although they do not reflect hobbies in their entirety, a large part of them may correspond to hobbies and hobbies. Although you can listen to music occasionally or superficially, many people who say they listen to music may have it as a hobby. The same can be said for reading, going to the movies, going to shows or visiting museums and exhibitions.

The graph above is more expressive when it comes to hobbies. It deals with what they call ACTIVE cultural practices. This concept of active participation is, in part, what defines a hobby. And most of the activities mentioned corresponding to hobbies or hobbies. Photography, practised by almost 30% of people, is often a complement to social life or travel, but also, in many cases, it is an actual hobby. Something similar happens with video, but on the other hand, painting, writing or playing an instrument can hardly be practised if it is not a hobby or hobby. Next, we will deal with sports.

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