Hobbies and hobbies low cost or cheap

This post explains why and how we have defined cheap or low-cost hobbies.


Many people want to have a hobby or hobby but do not have financial possibilities. They should know that many hobbies can be practised at a low cost or for free.

The concept of hobby or hobby low cost, i.e. cheap, is broad, variable and debatable. We have considered different aspects when considering a hobby as low cost.

-In the first place, the material for regular practice, both initial and maintenance, should not entail a significant expense. We have taken the cheapest or, if even the most explicit material is expensive, the possibility of getting it cheaply second-hand. Cheap initial material has been considered to be that which can be obtained for 50 euros or less, and the cost of replacement material does not exceed approximately 10 euros per month. In specific cases, the material can be obtained for free from friends or acquaintances. Still, these cases have not been considered when making the classification.

-The second main expense corresponds to the payment for the practice of the hobby, which includes the cost of subscriptions, entry or use of facilities, travel, federation and others. We have considered most economic situations, such as public, local or state entities. An approximate cost of 10 euros or less per month has been considered low, assuming a usual average practice of at least weekly.

-Other expenses may be for concepts such as insurance, support material, learning courses or maintenance, which have not been taken into account due to their complexity and variability.

Some examples show that the valuation of low cost in many cases can be debatable; that is why we have tended to include only genuinely cheap issues and exclude those usually considered expensive.

Despite the previous comments, it must be clarified that in this first attempt, careful calculations have not been made, and it has been based a lot on the general idea about the hobby and the opinions of the expert when they existed, always seeking to consider the middle ground or more common situation.

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