A fun, social, cheap and practicable hobby anywhere

In this post we comment on the personal experience of an example of how to take advantage of a simple hobby

Rummy is a tile game played between two to six players. Each tile has a number of a certain color. There are several groups of different colors ranging from 1 to 13 and also several wild cards. The game consists of placing the chips on the table so that they match either in consecutive number, or in number and color. It is played individually and successively and the one who runs out of chips first wins.

Rummy is also played with cards, with a French deck. Gin rummy is a very similar card game and one of the most widespread in the world.

One of the main attractions of rummy is that it is easy to learn and play, but it requires skill and speed, although luck also plays a role. The rules are learned with someone who already plays it or with those that come with the game, physical or electronic. When practiced among several people, it helps the social relationship. It is light, portable and cheap. It can end up producing a real hobby, as it happens with so many board games, whether with chips or cards.

It is also played with electronic devices, with internet platforms or with an App, either against the device or against other players.

Perhaps part of the simple appeal of rummy is the format with colored tiles, in some ways more comfortable and enjoyable than playing cards.

In short, a pleasant and simple hobby, an example of many others.

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