Several hobbies are better than one

In this post, we comment on the exciting possibility of practicing various hobbies in search of the best combination.

Given the difficulties in finding a single perfect hobby, which satisfies almost all the demands on its own, it is worth considering that this optimal function can be achieved through a combination of hobbies. Once again, we find the absence of studies in this field, which allows us to make various speculations based on a certain logic, some data from the leisure literature, and a bit of direct experience.

However, there are some exciting data from the surveys of the Spanish Ministry of Culture. When analyzing the different cultural activities, it is found that those who develop one simultaneously develop others more frequently than the general population. Thus, for example, people who go to see museums and exhibitions have a higher rate of attendance at movies and theater and of reading; people who go more to performing arts shows go to the movies more often and read more; and those who play video games go to the movies more often, read more and listen to more music. Something similar happens with sports. Those who practice cycling also practice more than the average swimming and hiking; those who practice swimming do more gymnastics, cycling, and hiking, and those who practice soccer do more swimming and running.

These associations probably reflect that the person with a hobby is more likely to have several, which also have a special relationship, confirming that it is not uncommon for people to seek combinations of hobbies or hobbies. Unfortunately, something exciting, such as the association between culture and sports hobbies, cannot be valued. And it is that this association or combination seems the most convenient since it widens the range of options based on capacities, circumstances, and benefits.

It seems logical to consider that the combinations of two or more hobbies that complement their virtues and limitations are the most interesting. Examples of possible combinations of two or three hobbies would be:

Outdoor exercise (for example, hiking), intellectual labor (reading), and manual labor (knitting)
Training in a closed space (gymnastics) and electronics and attending art shows.
Bicycle, playing an instrument, collecting
Model airplanes, walk, read comics
Climbing, listening to music, cooking.
Sailing, yoga, writing

The “perfect” combination may be easier to achieve than a single “perfect” hobby. Of course, the possibilities are many more, but also more complex. We can suggest as the best the combined practice of playing a musical instrument, playing paddle tennis and reading, but, as always, each person should find their best combination of hobbies.

The question is….. look for it.

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