You Must Know the History of the Discovery of the First Camera on Earth

So vital camera technology in today’s life. Many services use cameras, such as CCTV, video calls, live streaming, documentation, and much more. The more time passes, the more human dependence on camera technology increases.

Seeing the enormous potential, camera manufacturers are competing to create cameras with the latest quality and technology. Every year a new generation of cameras emerges with increasingly advanced technology.

Professional cameras such as DSLR and Mirrorless are proliferating. Even more astonishing is the development of cameras on mobile devices. Advanced technology is embedded in every cell phone today. Even now, the camera can be supported with AI integration, making it even more sophisticated.

Then what is the history of the invention of the first camera on earth? Who are the people who have contributed to making this beneficial technology? Of course, the first generation of cameras did not take the form of cameras they are today.

Abu Ali Al-Hasan Ibn Al-Haytham, often known as Alhazen, is one of the Muslim scholars who succeeded in creating the world’s first camera in the 10th century. Alhazen was also the first person to study the workings of the human eye.

Alhazen experimented. At that time, Alhazen used a dark room, or he gave the term Al-Bayt Al-Muslim. From the experiments that Alhazen did then created a camera called the Obscura, or pinhole camera. It is a camera for projecting images on a flat surface using light.

However, Alhazen himself never stated that he was the inventor of the first camera. This s because a Chinese philosopher named Mozi has explained the initial idea of ​​​​the camera since 400 BC. The concept of the camera obscura to understand the principle of optics was previously written by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

Then, a French scientist named Joseph Nicephore Niepce, in1827, developed a camera obscura to produce photo images. Thanks to the French scientist, the forerunner of permanent photographic images was created.

Continuing from these discoveries, the camera develops into a portable, easy-to-carry form. As it grows, the shape of the camera can be more concise. Until now, it can be embedded camera shapen a watch.

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