beneficial hobbies for health

It has been commented in other posts that hobbies can be beneficial for health, including the elderly, highlighting the following points:

If the retired person takes advantage of part of her free time to practice one or several hobbies, he is likely helping to improve her health and quality of life.
Considering some of the previous data, the hobbies that may be most recommended for well-being and health require some physical exercise and those that favour social relationships.
Suppose it is appreciated that a hobby is usually related to an optimistic attitude and “steals” time from passive and harmful activities such as watching TV for a long time. In that case, it can be deduced that having one or more hobbies should be better than not having them.

Some pages on retirement have come to recommend specific hobbies for retirees. It is important not to confuse retirement with ageing, although they are related. Many retirees remain healthy and energetic for years after they stop working and can do what any adult can at almost every level except for particular physical exertions. As the years go by, limitations usually appear, not only for physical efforts but also at the level of sight, hearing, joints or even mental capacity. This is also important to consider since when assessing hobbies for older adults with limitations, most of them will fall into the category of retirees.

Perhaps for the reasons indicated, the hobbies that are recommended for retirees are relatively “soft”, such as:

  • writing
  • reading
  • softball (a sport similar to baseball),
  • collecting,
  • Photography,
  • modelling,
  • fishing,
  • Golf,
  • volunteering,
  • genealogy,
  • scrapbook,
  • gardening
  • flower arrangements,
  • bird watching,
  • labours,
  • sewing,
  • woodworking,
  • leather work,
  • table tennis,
  • bike.
  • petanque

In any case, what is known is that physical exercise (among other factors) helps improve the quality of life of ageing and, as has already been mentioned, many hobbies stimulate physical activity.

In the last instalment, some statistical data on hobbies in the elderly and some recommendations are commented on, as well as the references.

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