Best 20 hobbies/ Top20

In this post, we comment on the reasons on which the choice of the 20 best hobbies or hobbies is based.

Deciding which are the best hobbies is like choosing which are the best movies or songs: impossible. But, users often like to have an orientation, especially if there is a lot of variety to choose from. In the case of poorly measurable topics, where scientific or statistical data are challenging to apply, the best choice is usually based either on critics’ opinions or votes or user opinions.

There is little written in the area of ​​hobbies, both in data and authoritative opinions. That is why we have decided to try to be the authorized opinion at the time of the classification.

The concept of the best when it comes to a hobby can, logically, vary depending on the aspect we value. It can be the healthiest, the funniest, the cheapest, etc… As in other ratings, the best will be the one with the highest average sum when assessing the different aspects as a whole. Since there is not enough data to do this mathematically, the closest thing, albeit by far, is to average our opinions. These opinions are based on published data, statistics, views of others, and personal experiences. In turn, the choice of the different aspects assessed has been just as arbitrary and based on similar arguments.
Thus, for our choice of BEST HOBBIES, we have taken into account the following factors of each hobby:

Purity. We mean how close it is to the definition of hobby: an activity done in leisure time for pleasure. This purity is also supported by the tradition of what is or is not a hobby and what is usually considered a hobby in studies or publications.
Benefits. For the quality of life and health
Pleasure. A hobby’s pleasure or satisfaction is one of its most essential and least measurable elements. What for one can be exciting for another is stressful and for another, boring
Accessibility. We are not talking here about ease of practice due to limitations, a separate issue, but of discomfort course learning, economic cost, time of dedication or effort required by the hobby.
Popularity. That is the frequency with which it is practised in different statistics.
Cluster. We have tried to have a relatively balanced representation of the different hobby groups.

Despite our wishes, we recognize that choosing the top 20 hobbies is arbitrary and may change as our experience changes. We have decided that there should be 20 because it seemed impossible to choose only ten perfect ones, as was our initial intention.

We think that in the future, we will be able to develop a user voting system so that they are the ones who rate the hobbies, as it happens, with other topics, on pages like IMDb, Amazon or Tripadvisor.

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