Hobbies for children/with children

This post briefly explains the criteria followed in classifying a hobby or hobby as suitable for children.

First of all, we should point out that according to various established criteria, we have considered children as children under 11 years of age. Later they already fall into the category of pre-adolescents and adolescents. Most very young children, between 1-4 years of age, do not generally have enough development to participate in hobbies. However, at the level of these stages and more and more, activities that constitute hobbies are being incorporated and adapted to them.

On the other hand, we have verified that there are hobbies that are very accessible for 5-year-olds and that it is convenient to start something later, even around the age of 10. However, in this section, we have indistinctly all the hobbies that can be created before the age of 10.11. The truth is that most hobbies have the possibility of a children’s approach through adaptations for children, and many even have a substantial didactic interest.

We have briefly reviewed network information and what different federations or official groups stipulate if certain hobbies have a place in the children’s field. We may not have included some, and others, if included, are for children in a somewhat marginal way. Some may even seem slightly inconvenient due to physical or psychological risks; in this sense, parents’ and caregivers’ vigilance, information, and common sense should always be counted on. But, as in all our groups, the idea is to give suggestions and introductory information to parents or relatives. We must confess that we have been surprised by the number of apparently difficult or complex hobbies that have their children’s variants, but this fact seems to us to be positive.

Some hobbies can be shared well between children and adults, which is usually beneficial for both, especially if the adults are the parents. On the other hand, hobbies in children, as in adults, are a good source of socialization.

Finally, comment that a child’s choice of a hobby, regardless of its educational or didactic use, is essential because it can lay the foundation for a lifelong pursuit.

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