Hobbies men and women

In this post, we comment that the Internet often talks about hobbies for men and hobbies for women.

Our page does not indicate if a hobby or hobby is more suitable for men than women because we believe that all pursuits are valid for everyone, regardless of sex, gender, or orientation.

But in the literature on hobbies and Google search options, as well as on various websites, different hobbies are recommended for men and women. It is true that, although there should be equal rights, duties, and opportunities, the characteristics of both sexes are not similar in many aspects and can also influence the choice of hobbies. To this, we must add that the sensitivity for hobbies and hobbies of gay, lesbian, transsexual, or bisexual people could have different characteristics.

In the statistics on leisure activities or hobbies, different frequencies are indicated for some according to the sexes. In an Australian survey of adolescents, girls do arts and crafts more often, and boys play electronic games, bike, or skate, with similar time spent watching TV or videos. In the surveys of habits in Spain, men do sports more often and watch sporting events; women read more books and go to the theater more, to point out some examples. In our own experience, there are also some differences. On the other hand, we have not found data to support that any hobby is more “beneficial” or that it is more indicated for demonstrated reasons for one gender than for another.

It seems evident that playing soccer should attract more men and do work formerly. But the world has changed in attitudes and gender roles. We may be wrong,t, by this change, it seems to us a bit old-fashioned to recommend hobbies more suitable for men and others for women because -as it happens with jobs- we consider that each adult will be in charge of deciding which one is the one that most interests and suits you.

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