Functions and How to Use CPL Filters For Beginners

Functions and How to Use CPL Filters – The use of filters is one of the things that is a concern in photography, and the CPL filter is no exception. So, understanding the function and how to use the CPL filter is very important. The reason is, those who are proficient in photography usually use this filter especially to make landscape photos more interesting and dramatic. The CPL filter is also a mainstay for those who like to shoot photos with natural nuances such as water surfaces or cloudy skies. The use of the CPL filter itself greatly affects the resulting photo shots so it is not surprising that novice photographers want to learn the functions and how to use this CPL filter.

Functions And How To Use CPL Filters

The Circular Polarizer filter or more popularly known as CPL is one type of filter that is useful for increasing color contrast (vividness) in a landscape or landscape photo. Although this filter can make photos look better, novice photographers who don’t know the function and how to use the CPL filter often produce photos that look no different at all even though they have used the filter. The key to success in being able to produce good photos with CPL is that you have to know when is the right time to use it or not to use it. Well, for those of you who are still not too familiar with this filter, here DIYKamera will present a review about the function and how to use the CPL filter.

CPL Filter Function

What are the functions and how to use the CPL filter, let’s just take a look at the following discussion:
CPL Filter Function

The function of the first CPL filter is to make colors more saturated and contrasting. With this filter, you can adjust the saturation process during the editing process so that light reflections don’t interfere with the final shooting result. In addition, shadow reflections from captured objects can also be removed so that the resulting photo will look more detailed and clear. The application of the function and how to use the CPL filter can be seen in photos of cloudy skies that are made more dramatic and photos of leaves that look greener.
In addition to making colors more saturated and contrasting, another function of the CPL filter is to remove part or all of the reflection from non-metallic objects, such as water and glass. So this filter will usually be used to photograph lakes with very clear water but want to show a little of the bottom. Photos like this will be difficult to produce because the surface of the lake will usually show a shadow of the sky. Well, this CPL filter will help eliminate or reduce the reflection of the sky shadow. Thus the function of the CPL filter is indeed very important in the world of photography.

How to Use CPL Filter

The function and how to use the CPL filter is actually very easy because you only need to attach this filter to the front of the lens and rotate it slowly. Once installed the effect will be immediately visible in the viewfinder. So, choose the maximum setting and then press the camera shutter button.
Because the use of this filter is to rotate it in front of the lens, so for an economical type of lens, my friend can work around this by autofocusing first before turning the filter. The reason is, the front lens of the economical lens will also rotate when autofocus is running.
The next function and method of using the CPL filter is to use it when the sun is shining on the right or left because the optimal effect can be produced at an angle of 90 degrees from the sun. Meanwhile, to eliminate the maximum reflection can be done at an angle of 45 degrees from the surface.

How to Use CPL Filter

How? The function and how to use the CPL filter is quite easy to understand, right? The CPL filter is an additional accessory that should not be used on every occasion. So there are also photographers who don’t really like using this one filter. However, for those of you who want to be more proficient in the business of taking pictures, of course the little review above at least gives a clearer picture of what this filter can do to your photos. That’s the discussion about the function and how to use the CPL filter this time. Hopefully it can be useful and thank you.

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