Hobbies that make money

In this post, we comment on how, in certain circumstances, hobbies can give money or become a profession.


It is not inconsistent with his definition that a hobby can generate economic benefits. Perhaps the most obvious example is pursuits that are not the most characteristic, such as investing in the stock market or playing lotteries. But the most exciting thing is when traditional plans such as needlework, playing an instrument, photography, gardening, or cooking can generate some income. This occurs when various circumstances coincide, such as the fact that the hobby is carried out thoughtfully and with a high amateur level, that there are people in the environment willing to pay, even knowing that what they produce is the result of a hobby; and that the fan is interested in some way to receive a payment for his amusement. An example could be someone who participates in an amateur rock band that occasionally plays in bars or parties, being paid (usually minor) for it.

At a somewhat more advanced level in this field, there are people who, in addition to the above, have a specific commercial initiative and know how to monetize something they initially do for pleasure and leisure. In this field, there is a statistic in the United Kingdom according to which half of the British have a hobby that they would like to make economically productive, and many do. The usefulness of Internet sales and social networks is used to monetize the hobby. According to the study, the most lucrative hobbies are designing, sports, photography, decoration, teaching, baking and cooking, arts and crafts, beauty and fashion, blogging, and jewelry.

Finally, some voluntarily decide to transform their hobby into their job, into their way of earning a living. This hobby ceases to be to become a profession. Many hobbies can become a profession, such as various sports, arts, crafts, technology, or social networks (as in the case of YouTubers). The great virtue of a hobby that becomes a profession is that the work is done with absolute pleasure. For this reason, people who are unhappy with their work or do not have it and want to earn a salary if they practice a hobby seriously, with dedication and quality, could consider making that hobby their livelihood. This requires straightforward ideas, good information on job niches, and marked initiative and perseverance. There is a lot of information on the Internet, books, and entrepreneurship magazines on how to make an economically profitable hobby. In interviews with successful people, when asked about their hobbies, they often reply: “my hobby is my job, I work on what I like.”

If an economic return is obtained, the situation and fiscal duties of said income must be well assessed.

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